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➤In the winter, pets stay on the cold floor for a long time, which can lead to various diseases of the pet. The cashmere pet bed can separate the pet from the floor and block the cold wind.
➤The stylish look of the advanced design. Easy to clean. durable. Thick and well-padded, super-comfortable dog or cat pet bed uses canvas as an exterior material, durable, sturdy and bite-resistant; all padded with PP cotton to keep your dog and cat comfortable and warm.
➤It should be noted that the interior is filled with high-quality green PP cotton, which is more environmentally friendly than white PP cotton. Don't worry if the buyer receives it.
➤It can be used all year round, and there is a cotton pad attached in the winter, which will not let the pet's belly get cold. Change the cotton pad in summer and put on a mat to give the pet a cool summer. The washable design allows the pet bed to be used longer.
➤For a sheltered home for pets in the cold winter, quickly click on the shopping cart on the right to give the pet a precious Christmas present.

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